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What is Kivo Health?

Kivo Health is a physician-led company that provides safe, effective, and convenient telehealth pulmonary rehab to qualified patients.



of Medicare beneficiaries with COPD receive pulmonary rehabilitation due to access and transportation barriers.

Kivo Health provides a telehealth solution so more of your patients can complete this important, standard of care therapy.

9 weeks of real-time PR over video

Patient receives a cell-connected, one-app tablet

Delivered by licensed RTs

Monitoring with real-time pulse oximetry & HR

Delivering outstanding clinical outcomes to our partners

Functional Capacity

1 min sit to stand



80% met MCID

Quality of Life

CAT score



64% met MCID





39% meet MCID





This is the biggest breakthrough for the people in our communities with COPD.”

– NC clinic staff member

Kivo is an absolute game changer for my patients.”

– UCLA physician

2023 ATS clinical guidelines now recommend offering virtual pulmonary rehab

“For adults with stable chronic respiratory disease, we recommend offering the choice of center-based pulmonary rehabilitation or tele-rehabilitation (strong recommendation, moderate-quality evidence).”

Citation: Rochester CL, Alison JA, Carlin B, Jenkins AR, Cox NS, Bauldoff G, Bhatt SP, Bourbeau J, Burtin C, Camp PG, Cascino TM, Dorney Koppel GA, Garvey C, Goldstein R, Harris D, Houchen-Wolloff L, Limberg T, Lindenauer PK, Moy ML, Ryerson CJ, Singh SJ, Steiner M, Tappan RS, Yohannes AM, Holland AE. Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Adults with Chronic Respiratory Disease: An Official American Thoracic Society Clinical Practice Guideline. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2023 Aug 15;208(4):e7-e26. doi: 10.1164/rccm.202306-1066ST. PMID: 37581410; PMCID: PMC10449064.

Program Details

Patient selection

Kivo accepts patients with stable COPD


  • Patients must be on less than 5L O2 at rest

  • Cardiac comorbidities must be on stable management

  • Hearing and vision impairment must not be so severe as to preclude participation

  • Must not be deemed inappropriate during the initial patient assessment


During Kivo’s program, patients are monitored with realtime, audiovisual, two-way supervision. The trained exercise professional is on a real time video feed with the patient and can see and hear them during each session.

Kivo also developed software that provides real time, continuous, SpO2 and HR. It transmits data from an FDA-approved pulse oximeter wristwatch.

Patient assessments

Prior to starting the pulmonary rehabilitation program, patients undergo an extensive assessment, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Functional capacity testing (1 min sit-to-stand)

  • Quality of life testing (CAT score)

  • Dyspnea assessment (mMRC)

  • Nutritional status assessment

  • Occupational status assessment

The initial assessment is comprehensive, meeting standard pulmonary rehabilitation guidelines

The initial assessment can be in-person or virtual depending on patient need. All components of the assessment are included, regardless of delivery modality (in-person or virtual).

Exercise prescription standards

  • Prescriptions include progressive, high intensity exercise training.

  • Exercise prescriptions are written to high standards and individualized to the patient undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation.

  • Programs are done over live video, so real time adjustments and modifications can be made and personalized to each patient undergoing the pulmonary rehabilitation.

  • Exercise prescriptions include endurance and resistance training.

Outcomes evaluated

Kivo collects and reports outcomes for:

  • Uptake

  • Adherence

  • Functional capacity (1 min sit-to-stand)

  • Quality of life (CAT score)

  • Dyspnea (mMRC)

  • Mood (PHQ-9)


Exercise provided during Kivo’s virtual pulmonary rehabilitation program is moderate to high intensity and progressive throughout the program.

Because Kivo is able to monitor in real time patient heart rate and oxygen levels, high intensity exercise can be achieved safely.

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How it works


Refer patient

On the website OR fax medical records to 866-767-5649



Records reviewed by our medical director and patient assessment completed.


Mail kit

Patient receives a Kivo Kit that includes: cell-connected tablet, pulse oximeter, therabands.

iPad device showing the Kivo Health app


Pulmonary rehab

Your patient receives 9 weeks of PR at home, with two 91-minute sessions per week. Each session is led by a licensed respiratory therapist and is monitored with continuous SpO2 and HR.


Receive report

We send you and your patient a health outcomes report.

Why Kivo Health?


Your patients no longer have to drive, travel, or lug their oxygen to receive pulmonary rehab. Even those without a computer or internet access can do our program since we mail them all the equipment they need.


Our patent-pending software allows for real time monitoring of patient’s oxygen during exercise. We are the only virtual rehab program that offers this.

High quality

Kivo Health delivers real pulmonary rehabilitation with standard sessions that meet ATS guidelines.


Our program was co-developed with COPD patients, behavior change experts, respiratory therapists, and exercise physiologists to make it informative and engaging!


Kivo Health

Exercise that includes:

•  Endurance

•  Resistance

Individualized prescription

Delivery by trained PR professionals

Initial, in-person comprehensive evaluation including:

*Kivo Health provides an initial comprehensive evaluations virtually over 2-way audiovisual connection or in-person.

•  Exercise capacity or functional capacity

(1 min sit-to-stand)

•  Quality of Life

(CAT score)

•  Dyspnea


•  Nutritional Status

•  Occupational Status

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Is remote pulmonary rehab safe and effective?

Yes. A meta-analysis from 2021 found that "primary pulmonary rehabilitation, or maintenance rehabilitation, delivered via telerehabilitation for people with chronic respiratory disease achieves outcomes similar to those of traditional centre-based pulmonary rehabilitation, with no safety issues identified."2

Is Kivo Health covered by insurance?

Yes. Kivo Health provides Medicare-eligible pulmonary rehab. Depending on your patient’s insurance, they may need to pay a small copay. If the copay is preventing them from completing pulmonary rehab, we can work with them to try to find an appropriate payment plan option.

What if my patient doesn’t have a computer or isn’t tech savvy?

No worries. We don’t want technology getting in the way of quality care, so we developed this program in conjunction with COPD patients to make it as simple as possible. We mail the patient all the tech equipment they will need and walk them through the onboarding process. All a patient needs is a phone with texting capabilities.

The kit we send patients includes:

  1. a cell-connected tablet with pre-downloaded app

  2. a bluetooth connected pulse oximeter watch

  3. exercise bands

  4. simple set up instructions

How do I fax Kivo Health?

Kivo Medical
(866) 767-5649